YappyKids Premium YappyEco mattress


YappyKids YappyEco premium quality baby mattress with camel hair filling. Flexible, elastic, and at the same time rigid enough surface allows the baby to not only sleep comfortably but also to grow healthy. Suitable for a standard 120×60 cm cot.

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Premium YappyEco mattress provides quality and healthy sleep, which is very important for the proper development of the spine and child growth in the first months and years of life. Two inner layers of horsehair and sisal, 3 cm each, give the mattress the necessary stiffness and elasticity.

The peculiarity of horsehair is its ability to maintain a comfortable temperature and create an ideal microclimate for the baby’s sleep in the cot. In addition, it dries quickly.

Sisal also helps maintain a microclimate, but its main task is to provide air permeability. This is very important for children because they are easily overheated and therefore need to allow their skin to breathe constantly. At the same time, sisal does not rustle and makes no sound when touched, which allows the baby to turn over silently in his sleep.

The inner layers are wrapped in cotton fabric on one side and camel hair on the other. The cotton side is suitable for hot weather and will help prevent overheating during the sleep of the child, and the surface with camel hair will provide comfort during the cold season and the off-season.

The mattress cover is made of high-quality bamboo fiber, which has a natural antibacterial effect and provides an incredibly soft surface. A handy zipper allows you to easily remove it when it’s time to wash.

YappyKids Premium YappyEco mattress advantages:

  • Premium quality
  • Filling from exclusive environmentally friendly materials
  • 2 inner layers
  • Natural breathable materials
  • Mattress cover with antibacterial effect
  • Removable mattress cover, machine washable
  • Suitable for most baby cots
Child age



Horsehair, Sisal, Camel hair, Cotton, Bamboo fiber


120 x 60 x 9 cm

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