YappyKids Premium YappyAir Mattress


YappyKids YappyAir premium quality three-layer baby mattress, which will give your child a comfortable and healthy sleep. Made of hypoallergenic, breathable materials with a unique antibacterial filler.

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YappyAir mattress consists of three layers, each of which performs an important function. For one side used latex gel, that is, latex with the addition of a special gel. The main function of this material is to absorb and remove excess heat from the baby, which prevents him from overheating in the warm season. At a comfortable temperature, the little one falls asleep faster and sleeps more soundly. This moderate coolness of the mattress makes it indispensable both in summer and during the heating season.

The backside of the YappyAir mattress is made of latex with memory foam. Soft and pliable, this material adapts perfectly to the child’s body. Thanks to the ability to fully relax, the child falls asleep easier and sleeps better. Special holes on this side of the product is good airflow, which helps maintain a comfortable temperature in the bed.

Between these two layers is a layer of special foam with the addition of activated carbon. This layer provides the necessary rigidity to the mattress, as well as performing antibacterial function and prevents the product from accumulating unpleasant odors.

The mattress cover is made of breathable, hypoallergenic fabric with special “air cells” that allow air to pass through perfectly, preventing the baby from sweating while sleeping.

YappyKids Premium YappyAir Mattress advantages:

  • Premium quality
  • Three layers for maximum baby comfort
  • Antibacterial effect
  • Cooling latex gel
  • Memory foam
  • Mattress cover made of breathable fabric
Child age



Latex gel, Memory foam


120 x 60 x 9 cm

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