Suavinex Zero.Zero Bottle Teat, 2 pcs


The Suavinex Zero.Zero bottle teat refill set allows you to maintain proper feeding hygiene for your little one. You can also use nipples with different fluid flows as your baby gets older. Two anti-colic teats with the same fluid flow are included.

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The ultra-soft, anatomically shaped anti-colic teats are ideal for feeding your baby at every stage of their development. The set includes two nipples with the same liquid flow (S, M or A) to fit Suavinex Zero.Zero 180 ml and 270 ml bottles.

The slow-flow (S) teat allows the smallest amount of liquid to pass through and requires the most effort from the baby when sucking. This option is recommended for children from the first days of life. Water, glucose, breast milk or liquid adapted milk formula can pass through the opening.

The medium-flow (M) nipple can handle medium-fluid liquids such as juices, milk and very thin porridges.

The teat with adaptive flow (A) adapts to your baby’s sucking strength and delivers the right amount of liquid according to the effort exerted. This is the most suitable option for combining breastfeeding and bottle-feeding.

The shape of each teat is as similar as possible to that of the mother’s nipple, so that breastfeeding can be maintained. Zero.Zero bottles are also suitable for feeding premature babies who have a poor sucking reflex.

Suavinex Zero.Zero Bottle Teat advantages:

  • Soft and ergonomic
  • Mimics mother’s nipple
  • Anti-colic
  • 2 nipples included
  • Slow, medium or adaptive fluid flow choice
  • Suitable for feeding premature babies (Adaptable Flow)
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