Suavinex Zero.Zero Anti-Colic Feeding Bottle 0+, 180 ml


Beautiful and comfortable Suavinex Zero.Zero feeding bottle will please its small owners and their parents, not only in appearance but also in usability. Thanks to the ergonomic nipple that imitates mom’s breast, it is suitable for babies from the first days of life and can effectively solve the problem of colic.

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The Zero.Zero bottle is a unique product for babies and their parents. By studying the specific characteristics of the female breast, Suavinex specialists were able to create a bottle that helps prevent air swallowing while sucking and relieve the discomfort of the baby’s tummy.

The innovative anti-colic system prevents air bubbles from forming and entering the little one’s tummy while eating. It’s a great way to deal with gas in babies in the first few months of life. For this purpose, there is a special patented pouch inside the plastic case, which works the same way as the mammary glands and responds to the sucking movements of the baby.

The bottle’s soft silicone nipple is shaped, long and soft to the maximum extent similar to the mother’s nipple. This allows you to combine breastfeeding and formula feeding.

For convenient and safe feeding, Suavinex 180 ml baby bottles have 2 different fluid flows. Slow flow (S) is suitable for feeding newborn babies with breast milk or adapted formula. The Adaptive Flow (A) allows the bottle to respond to your baby’s sucking strength and dispense more or less liquid according to your baby’s efforts.

Suavinex anti-colic bottle with the adaptive flow (A) can be used to feed premature babies who have a weak sucking reflex and are just learning to feed themselves.

Suavinex Zero.Zero 180 ml Feeding Bottle advantages:

  • Innovative system against air ingestion
  • Soft ergonomic nipple
  • Imitation mother’s breast
  • 2 different fluid flows
  • Suitable for feeding a premature baby (Adaptable Flow)
  • Certified and safe materials
  • Made in Europe
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180 ml

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