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The Sleepytroll stroller rocker will be the perfect helper for parents. This compact device will rock your baby for you. Thanks to built-in sensors, it reacts instantly to the crying or movement of the baby.

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Many children need to be rocked and require their parents to move around all the time. This need arises as a result of the fact that at 9 months, while in the womb, the baby spends most of the time in motion. After birth, the infant calms down when he feels the usual rocking again, but parents cannot always rock the little one relentlessly.

The compact intelligent Sleepytroll is suitable for absolutely all strollers and rocking cribs. Thanks to built-in motion and sound sensors, it will automatically turn on if the baby moves or cries. In addition, you can manually set the preferred parameters by reducing or increasing the swing force.

The device runs on a rechargeable battery and does not require a constant power source, so it can be used outdoors. The baby rocker has IPX2 water resistance, so it is not afraid of walking in light rain or snow. The recommended temperature range for using the device is -10 to 35℃.

The Sleepytroll device is patented worldwide, has passed the TÜV safety test, meets CE and FCC standards and ROHS requirements.

Sleepytroll Stroller Rocker advantages:

  • Worldwide Patent
  • Built-in sound and motion sensor
  • Several rocking modes
  • Rechargeable battery
  • Water-repellent case
  • Fits all stroller models

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7.4 x 9 x 16.7 cm


0.65 kg

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