Aeromoov Stroller Air Layer, Group B

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Aeromoov stroller breathable air layer maintains a comfortable microclimate for the child during strollings. The special 3D technology ensures constant air circulation to the back, legs and head area, eliminating the possibility of overheating and heat stroke in hot weather. Group B is suitable for children aged 1-4 years.

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The Aeromoov breathable air layer is made using special 3D technology. The product consists of several layers. The inner mesh material does not shrink so that constant air circulation is maintained even when the little one is in the stroller for long periods of time.

Air Layer technology dissipates excess heat and allows fresh air to flow in. Long strollings will become more comfortable and enjoyable. And the places where your child’s body is in constant contact with the seat (legs, backrest, head) will always stay dry.

The outer layer is made of natural cotton, it is soft to the touch and causes no irritation when in contact with the baby’s delicate skin. The mat is highly absorbent, easy to fix and easy to clean.

The Group B mattress has a special opening for the harness and is designed for use in the stroller (for children 1-4 years).

Aeromoov Stroller Air Layer advantages:

  • Maintains constant air circulation under the child’s body
  • Reduces the likelihood of heat stroke
  • Absorbs moisture well and keeps skin dry
  • Made from eco-friendly materials
  • Soft and comfortable outer layer
  • Machine washable
Child age

1-4 y


Organic Cotton, Polyester


30 x 77 cm



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