Canpol babies EasyStart Electric Breast Pump


Canpol babies EasyStart electric breast pump with three modes of pumping milk, which imitate the natural rhythm of the baby’s sucking. Can be used from the first day of the baby’s birth.

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The EasyStart breast pump effectively and gently supports and regulates lactation for the breastfeeding mother, and helps avoid milk stagnation and pain associated with it.

It has three pumping modes, Express, Natural and Strong, which match the natural two-phase sucking process. Express mode imitates the baby’s fast sucking movements, which stimulates the secretion of milk (the 1st phase). The Natural and Strong modes match the slower and stronger sucking (the 2nd phase). Three power levels allow to adjustment of the suction power to each mom’s individual needs.

Canpol babies EasyStart electric breast pump works both on electricity and AAA batteries, allowing you to pump milk at home and on a walk or travel. Quiet mode and soft massage cushion will allow this process with maximum comfort.

The EasyStart breast pump is compatible with all Canpol feeding and milk storage accessories. Thanks to the special adapter included in the kit, milk can be pumped directly into a bottle, both with a narrow and wide neck or into a storage container.

Kit includes control panel, breast pump with bottle 120 ml with a narrow neck and nipple 3m+, milk storage bag, milk storage container, sealing ring, adapter for bottles with a narrow neck, power adapter, spare parts.

Canpol babies EasyStart electric breast pump advantages:

  • Includes bottle with nipple for feeding
  • You can pump directly into a bottle or container
  • Massage cushion to stimulate lactation
  • It works quietly
  • Three milk expressing modes
  • Three power levels
  • Powered by electricity or batteries
  • BPA free


Power source

AC, Batteries (AAA x 4)

Bottle included


Operating modes qty


Speeds qty



0.5 kg

How to properly use a breast pump:


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