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The unique PADHAT winter protective hat with built-in patented BAT technology that helps reduce the risk of head injuries to your child during games, outdoor activities, sports, walks and even when learning their first steps. Provides a high level of head protection while looking and feeling just like a normal hat.

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The PADHAT hat is more than just a hat. It not only provides warmth and comfort, but also reliably protects the child’s head from injury when he actively spends time or plays with other children.

The hat uses patented BAT (Body Adjust Technology), which is used in the manufacture of protective inserts for professional sportswear. BAT reacts to body temperature and adapts (adjusts) to its shape, so when you wear this clothing feels incredibly comfortable and it seems that the product has been tailored specifically for you.

Thanks to the shock-absorbing BAT inserts, the PADHAT hat greatly reduces the risk of serious head injuries. On contact with the body (the greatest effectiveness comes at a temperature of 36.6-37 ℃) the product becomes softer and fits perfectly to the shape of the head, and so it seems that the hat was made individually for your child! It takes less than a minute to activate the BAT.

Ergonomic shock-absorbing padding is located on the front, back and sides of the hat, and covers the areas most likely to be injured. Inserts thickness of 8 mm provide maximum protection, do not cause discomfort when wearing and can absorb the impact of up to 150 kg!

The PADHAT hat is very lightweight and hardly feels on your head, so kids will not even notice the built-in protection. Soft, stretchy and pleasant to the touch wool fabric provide comfort throughout the day, and stylish innovative design will not give even a hint of hidden extra layer.

The impact test of the PADHAT hat was carried out according to the EN 1621-1 method (European standard test method for motorcycle protective clothing). Test results showed that the padding used for PADHAT can reduce impact force almost as much as the padding in motorsports apparel.

PADHAT Protective Hat advantages:

  • Warm, made of merino wool
  • Unique patented BAT technology (the same that is used in the manufacture of professional sportswear)
  • Absorbs shocks up to 150 kg
  • Significantly reduces the risk of serious head injuries
  • Lightweight, does not feel on the head (children will not notice the extra layer)
  • Comfortable and soft to wear
  • Adaptive inserts and side slit allow for multiple seasons of use
  • Made in Europe

How to choose the right size hat?

When choosing the right size, be guided by the length of your child’s head circumference. Note that the hat is equipped with a slit and a convenient velcro fastener, which will provide a tighter and more comfortable fit on the head, as well as give the opportunity to wear the product for several seasons.

How to choose the right size hat?


Please note:

The PADHAT hat is not a helmet and does not replace a helmet. It can be used to protect the child’s head from injury during active recreation and sports activities, games, running, tourism, skating and sledding, etc. The hat can be used both indoors and outdoors. For the smallest children, it will help them safely learn their first steps and explore the world around them.

PADHAT Protective Hat manual:


50% merino wool, 50% acrylic

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