Stuckies Laundry Bag


The Stuckies laundry bag helps to keep socks and other small baby items tidy when you wash them in the washing machine. This also protects them from chafing during washing and allows them to last longer.

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The Stuckies bag is designed for washing children’s socks and other small items of clothing that can easily get lost in the washing machine. It also does a great job of protecting your baby’s delicate clothes from being snagged and damaged during the wash.

The synthetic mesh fabric keeps small items intact without affecting the quality of dirt removal. This means that things wash just as well in the bag as they do without it.

Stuckies Laundry Bag advantages:

  • Handy for washing socks and small clothes
  • No effect on wash quality
  • Protects things from damage
  • Equipped with a handy zip

100% polyester


25 x 30 cm


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