Mininor Straw Bottle, 330 ml


The large 330 ml Mininor straw bottle has two flexible handles so your baby can hold it comfortably. The heavy ball at the end of the straw ensures a continuous supply of liquid, even if the cup is tilted or upside down.

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The Mininor straw bottle has a capacity of 330 ml and a unique liquid supply system. A special heavy ball at the end of a flexible straw is always lowered into the water by gravity. In this way, the liquid flows without interruption, even if the sippy cup is turned upside down completely.

The variable-flow straw adapts to the baby’s drinking rhythm, giving them the right amount to drink. The two flexible handles allow the little one to hold the trainer cup independently.

When the bottle is not in use, the upper end of the flexible straw can easily be hidden under the cap with one simple movement.

Mininor Straw Bottle advantages:

  • Uninterrupted supply of liquid, even if the bottle is upside down
  • No leaks
  • The straw adapts to the child’s drinking rhythm
  • The flexible straw can be hidden under the lid
  • Two easy-to-use handles
Child age

6+ months


330 ml


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