Maxi-Cosi FamilyFix3 ISOFIX Base


Maxi-Cosi FamilyFix3 base with ISOFIX attachment for car installation. Compatible with Coral, CabrioFix i-Size, Tinca and Pebble Pro baby seats, Pearl Pro 2 child seat, and Jade car carrycot. Suitable for children from birth up to 4 years (40-105 cm), up to 18 kg.

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The Maxi Cosi FamilyFix3 ISOFIX base complies with the European safety standard UN R129 (i-Size), and is recommended for installation in every car in which the child travels. The base is attached using ISOFIX mounts in the car seat and additionally fixed with a retractable support leg. Audio and visual indicators facilitate quick and correct installation.

The FamilyFix3 base only needs to be mounted in the car once. Then simply install the baby car seat with one click if you are planning a trip, or take it off and take it with you on your walk. The Jade carrycot is installed with a simple sliding. When the little one grows up, you don’t have to buy a new base, you can simply replace the baby seat with a FamilyFix3 compatible child seat.

The installed base allows a child to travel in the car in a rear-facing position up to 4 years (105 cm).

Maxi-Cosi FamilyFix3 ISOFIX base advantages:

  • Reliable and stable
  • Compatible with popular models of baby and child car seats
  • Compatible with Jade carrycot
  • Easy and quick installation

Please note:

The safest place to install a baby/child car seat is the back seat of the car.


Installation of a safety seat in the car’s front seat is allowed only if the passenger airbag is deactivated!


Children under 4 years of age are recommended to travel in the car in the rearward-facing direction. This is due to the anatomical features of the growing child’s body and provides additional protection for the baby’s head and neck in road conditions (e.g., sudden braking).

FamilyFix3 ISOFIX base manual:

Child height

40-105 cm

Child weight

0-18 kg

Compatible baby car seat

CabrioFix i-Size, Coral, Tinca, Pebble Pro, Jade

Compatible child car seat

Pearl Pro 2


UN R129 (i-Size)


70 x 38 x 37.5-90 cm


6.3 kg

Maxi-Cosi FamilyFix3 ISOFIX base video:


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