Done by Deer Sleepy Crib Mobile


Done by Deer Sleepy, the original musical crib mobile with a mirror, will ensure a peaceful and healthy sleep for your baby. The company of charming sleeping Savannah residents and the accompaniment of Mozart’s lullaby contribute not only to a quick fall asleep but also to awakening in a good mood.

Suitable for babies 0+.

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Let your baby enjoy the soothing sounds of Mozart’s Lullaby and spend time with the Savannah residents, Croco, Elphee, Raffi, and Nozo, watching their sleepy reflections in the mirror.

The Sleepy music mobile introduces classical music to a child, soothing an excitable baby after active play. Listening to academic music ensures a child’s all-round development from an early age. The different textures and colors of the mobile have a positive effect on the formation of the kid, also contributing to rapid development. The calm, gentle shades of the crib mobile set the little one up for a restful sleep.

The set includes a carousel with a mirrored surface, 4 soft toys, a bracket and a music box. The sturdy bracket can easily be attached to the rung of the crib or playpen. Toys from the set can be washed in hand-wash mode, plastic and metal parts is enough to wipe with a damp cloth.

Done by Deer Sleepy Crib Mobile advantages:

  • Equipped with a mirror surface
  • Playing Mozart’s Lullaby
  • Soothes and prepares the child for sleep
  • Promotes comfortable awakening
  • Provides comprehensive development
  • Danish Design
Child age



100% cotton, Recycled polyester fibers, Polypropylene (PP), ABS plastic, Steel


Ø 27 cm, Toys: 6-16 х 11-16 cm

Done by Deer: Happy Home


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