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The Ceba Baby baby blanket is ideal for newborns. Made from natural cotton, it won’t irritate the skin and is breathable. It keeps your baby warm during sleep, walks and travels. It is suitable for use in a baby car seat, cot or stroller.

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The Ceba Baby baby blanket is worthy of being your baby’s first blanket. Made from high-quality jersey fabric, it is absolutely safe for your child’s health.

Natural cotton is very soft to the touch and won’t irritate children’s sensitive skin. The material retains heat well and is breathable to make your baby feel comfortable when sleeping or walking in the pram.

This lightweight blanket can be used for sleeping in the cot at home or taken with you on walks. One side is monochrome and the other is decorated with a beautiful children’s print, allowing you to choose a design to suit your mood. With a size of 90 x 100 cm, it can be used for up to approximately 12 months.

Ceba Baby Baby Blanket advantages:

  • Ideal for newborns
  • Made from 100% cotton
  • Soft and gentle to the touch
  • Suitable for use in a cot, stroller or baby car seat
  • Double-sided, can be used either side up
Child age



100% cotton


90 x 100 cm


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